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Sell Your House Within Thirty Days

Any Condition, Any Location

We Will Pay Your Legal Fees and Closing Cost

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Sell your property within days. Regardless if your property is; vacant or rented to tenants, paying or non-paying, and whether your house is distressed or in perfect condition. With us, you choose when to sell your house, in days, weeks or months. We accommodate all property owners needs and interests. Call us for a fair all-cash offer. We can also offer all cash property purchases with a life estate reserved for sellers.

We Buy
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Stress Free

We take the stress out of the property selling process. No need to deal with agents showing your house to strangers constantly. Save money and avoid commission fees. Also, no need to spend on unnecessary repairs to your property. Premier provides financial and legal support through the acquisition of a strong attorney and paying for closing costs and all other associated fees if desired by the client.


We have a wide-ranging portfolio with purchases from 1-4 family houses, to multi-family apartment buildings. We also invest in warehouses, office buildings, land for development, condos and co-Ops!

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Referral fee

We pay commission to anybody who finds us a house to buy; whether it be an agent, a neighbor, an attorney or someone who stumbles upon a for sale sign. We will pay you top finder’s fee if we purchase the property you introduced us to.