About Us

About Us

Headquartered in Brooklyn NY, Premier is a leading real-estate company with investments in New York City and New Jersey. We are recognized in the industry for our specializing in heirs properties.

Our Story

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Our trusted clients drove us to develop Premier Property GRP. Fast forward to the present, Premier achieved a rock solid reputation for the most quality and personalized real-estate services. The company is fueled by its dynamic team of highly skilled individuals who each bring their unique real-estate expertise and skill sets to the table.

What makes Premier stand out from the competition is our dedication to transparency and honesty. We provide our clients with all the depth and breadth of information they need to fully understand their options when buying and selling properties. Our unmatched understanding of the complex elements of the real-estate industry as well as our client-centric philosophy make our services hold true to our name, “premier.” .

Our team of property investors has a strong understanding of New York City real-estate and focuses our investing in the “Big Apple.”

The majority of our purchases are in:

  • homes that need major capital improvement
  • vacant lots for development
  • mixed use and apartment buildings.

We specialize in solving and simplifying estate issues, a process that otherwise faces lengthy and tedious complications in probate court that could. We work through the technical and legal issues without any expense to the heirs. We will assume all legal responsibilities and hand out a check in certified funds to the heirs for their interest in the property.

Another specialty of ours is our investment in the shares of a property. We can legally purchase the owner/co-owner or heirs, shares (interest) in a property. Both processes can be completed in less than a four week time period. This relieves financial burdens from the estate owner and ensures that you are in good hands.

We always purchase properties in "as is condition" all of our deals are all cash, no banks involved and no waiting for probate court to be finalized. We can close in as little as 21 days or as long as you want. Our efficiency and effectiveness in the property purchasing process is unmatched in the industry.

Contact a representative today to learn more about our speedy purchasing process or our other areas of specialty.